We’re Not Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

Girl is singing a song in front of audience
Photography by Laura Austin

With the directness of people who are not only smart, but also honest, UNDO founders Nai Vasha and Sophia Chang have been smashing through the cushy little bubbles we’ve all built for ourselves online. Their ongoing conversational gathering, Come Talk To We, bursts the insulated echo-chambers of our online worlds by bringing us face to face with other people who have other opinions.

Identifying that the ugly my-side-versus-your-side rhetoric that blossomed in newsfeeds during the 2017 election was having far-reaching and violent real-life consequences, Nai and Sophia set out to rectify the situation. Taking inspiration from the wise words of Jodeci, they realized that the cure for a stubborn lack of mutual understanding was to make people stand in front of each other and talk. When people get together, so can their ideas.

The pair started holding their events under the Come Talk To We banner in late 2017 and they now run regularly. At each session, Nai and Sophia moderate conversations on different themes – making sure everyone in the room has a chance to be heard, and the chance to listen.

Get yourself ready to chat by listening to Nai and Sophia’s story via Full Service Radio.

Girl is singing a song in front of audience
Girl is singing a song in front of audience
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Girl is singing a song in front of audience
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