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Photography by Laura Austin

Ly Tran and Victor Go’s online friendship became a real-life romance, but the leap from the virtual to the physical wasn’t all that easy to navigate.

After they managed to sort their thing out, Ly and Victor came to realise that the brave new world of app-based communities was both wonderful and fragile. These new safe spaces had a strange dual nature – infused equally with the potential to foster friendship, understanding, and love while also constantly threatened by the spectres of commodification and vilification.

Spacemakers is their simple solution to this very complex modern problem. It’s a monthly meet up Ly and Victor host at the LINE LA for queer people of color and it’s a way for the pair to make their online communities stronger by being together in real life.

Listen to Ly and Victor tell the story of Spacemakers to Full Service Radio.

And keep an eye on our calendar for details of upcoming meet-ups.

Group of People Sitting on Sofa While Discussing
People sitting in front of transparent glass window with other image people sitting of sofa
Group of People Sitting on Sofa While Discussing
Group of People Sitting on Sofa While Discussing
Group of People Sitting on Sofa and chair While Discussion
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