Meet the (LA) Family: The Houston Brothers

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photography by Travis Jensen

Mark and Jonnie Houston have been to a lot of bars in a lot of different places around the world. When they decided to open a bar of their own they didn’t want it to be like any of those. So, instead of making a bar – they made a whole other world, and they called it Piano Bar.

And that’s what they’ve done with every venue they’ve opened since – invented a new universe.

With Break Room 86, Mark and Jonnie created a time warp that takes guests back a few decades, complete with live performances, guest DJs, karaoke suites, a dance floor, nostalgia-inducing cocktails, and boozy push-pops.

Their next creation at the LINE LA was an immersive lodging and event space inspired by the 60s and 70s decor of their childhood Koreatown home – The Speek Suite.

We collaborated with them again at Park MGM. On the Record is a love letter to long-lost music hubs and an exciting new way to spend your nights in Vegas. The new club is hidden behind a record store entrance off the main casino floor; inside, three rooms, featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces, provide ample space for dancing—or relaxing with friends and exploring On the Record’s world-class cocktail program.

And now the brothers are back to open Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a deco-disco dreamscape. They have created an homage to the glitz and glam of the disco era, combined with a Gatsby-esque decadence of the roaring 20s.

You can visit Break Room 86The Speek and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang right here in Koreatown at the LINE LA.



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