Jamilla Okubo: When There's a Will, There's a Way #2

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Jamilla Okubo is a visual artist: a surface pattern designer and illustrator whose work is heavily inspired by the art of storytelling.

We’re incredibly proud to collaborate with Jamilla as part of our ongoing public art series at the LINE DC. Her original artwork, When There’s A Will, There’s a Way #2 is on view now, and will be up for the duration of this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

While it’s the history of our 110-year old church that inspires the LINE DC as a place to welcome community, to gather, and to share experience – it’s our location in the exact geographic center of the Adams Morgan neighborhood that inspires us to think (and re-think) how the building itself can reflect and welcome the community around us.


Banner design of the line hotel

Listen in on Full Service Radio as Jamilla discusses her work, this piece, and how she found her path as an artist growing up in Washington, DC.

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