In Honor; Of Women

Poster is being painted according to the event

We’re especially proud of the newest addition to the 3000+ piece art collection at the LINE DC – in honor of the historic number of women running for office during the 2018 Midterm election cycle, The Lily (the first newspaper for and by women, and recently re-instated by the Washington Post) partnered with the LINE DC to pay public tribute.

As the returns came in on Election Night, the women of Spectrum Murals live-painted artwork by French designer Lauréne Boglio. An eagle with 184 feathers – each one representing a non-incumbent woman running for office (on both sides of the aisle) – was filled in as seats were won, and as women made their own mark on their cities, states, and country.

The mural is permanent, and on view/visible from Champlain Street NW.

For more on this history-making artwork, visit The Lily.
Video by Billy Tucker/The Washington Post, and courtesy The Lily.

Washington, DC / Art and Design
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