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The Most Important Meal of the Day is Pineapple

When one of the (many and varied) architects of the patriarchy coined the bile-inducing phrase “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” as a method of keeping female-identifying people down, they really messed up.

Every part of this phrase is wrong – it’s disgusting to think you can define another person’s role in life and equally disgusting to talk about women as if they were all the same (because clearly, while some women may choose to hang out in the kitchen and so do some men, women also belong at NASA, and running the country, and working as park rangers, and whatever else they want).

Less obviously, characterizing the kitchen as unimportant or undesirable is idiocy. As anyone who has been to a house party knows, this room is the centre of the universe. And being capable with food, which is literally the source of all nourishment, is one of the most important roles a human in society can play.

Pineapple was established by Ariel Pasternak and Atara Bernstein to celebrate feminism and food. Since 2015, more than 100,000 people have joined with them, online and offline, to learn, talk, make ideas become reality, and – most importantly – to eat. Pineapple have just made their way from DC to LA so we welcomed them with a HERE event, where we ate donuts and puddings and toast in the morning, and listened to Ariel and Atara chat with some of LA’s best people in food (you know – Caitlin Sullivan of Honey Hi, Ally Walsh of Canyon Coffee, and Nicole Rucker of Fiona).

Get your own donut and settle in for a delicious and informative conversation.

Photography: Sarah Ellefson