A curly-haired woman in a black jacket records herself singing and performing her song.
Laurie Gallardo

KUTX 98.9, The Austin Music Experience

Austin is known for its music scene. Not only is it the home of SXSW and Austin City Limits, but it’s a city with countless venues, musicians, DJs, recording studios, and musical creative hubs. It’s also where you’ll find one of the most storied and legendary radio stations in the country, KUTX 98.9, The Austin Music Experience. It takes a special community, a special city, and special DJs to keep this kind of thing alive — after all, this is public radio. If you’re new to Austin, or just visiting, a window into KUTX is kind of a window into the city itself.

Here, hear from three of the station’s most legendary DJs talk about KUTX, Austin, and their careers in their own words, drawn from interviews with host Jack Inslee. Meet Rick McNulty (FKA “Rick Daddy”), the music director for KUTX; Laurie Gallardo, aka DJ LG, just named best personality for the seventh consecutive year in the Austin Chronicle’s annual reader’s poll; and John Aielli, beloved host since 1966 who passed away in 2022 — he was widely mourned and is still missed. Listen above and follow along on Spotify. Photo by Moyo Oyelola

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