Vibrant photos capture numerous people in a single, radiant frame.

The color of your energy

For the second summer in a row, Aura Aura is popping up at the LINE DC. An experiential portrait practice from Detroit-based conceptual artist and energetics researcher Eileen Lee, Aura Aura’s sold-out summer tour stops in for a residency next week in Adams Morgan. Those lucky enough to snag a session will enter a geo-dome tent, hold on to silver hand sensors, and have a photo taken that is said to show one’s aura through color.

As a preview to her residency, we’ve pulled out our conversation with Eileen from last summer to hear about her aura portraiture practice, how aura photography works and what it’s all about, and why green emerged as one of the key aura colors out coming out of the pandemic. Listen above, and follow along on Spotify.

Photos via Aura Aura.

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