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Hold the Booze: The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

We’ve noticed a whole lot more (delicious) non-alcoholic drink options out in the world and started to wonder: Is this a trend, or are we just starting to notice it?

Jack Inslee got on the line with restaurant and beverage experts in our cities — LA, SF, DC, and Austin — to explore not only NA drinks, but our evolving relationship to alcohol. In this episode of Hear, HERE, get the latest intel on people’s drinking habits, what goes into a non-alcoholic drink, and how the category has changed over the past few years.

Featured in this episode are, in order: Bill Jensen of Tail Up Goat & Reveler’s Hour in Washington, DC; Austin Hennelly and Han Cho of Kato Restaurant in Los Angeles; Danny Louie, beverage consultant for the LINE SF; and Austin-based beverage consultant and bartender Robert Bjorn Taylor.

Listen to the episode above, and follow along with Hear, Here on Spotify.

Photo by Leyla Ismen.

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