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The Sweet Feminist Says It with Sugar

Becca Rea-Holloway is The Sweet Feminist, and in continuation of the LINE’s public art program, her work is taking over the facade of our 110-year-old church for the entirety of Women’s Month (and a little beyond that, too).

Becca and Brothers And Sisters Pastry Chef Pichet Ong teamed up to create a cake decorated in tribute to Black suffragette Ida B. Wells, the image of which will be on view at the LINE DC throughout the month of March.

The making of the cake, and the making of Becca’s baking practice, make for some sweet storytelling. What started as a cathartic practice that allowed Becca to vocalize her passions for progressive social issues turned into a widely-loved Instagram account that inspires creative activism all over the world.

Hear the full story on Full Service Radio:

by fskeiky March 15, 2020