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Miranda Bennett Dresses Full Service Radio

Miranda Bennett took a circuitous route to operating a business in Austin. Born in the city, in her late teens she left for more than a decade to pursue a career in fashion in New York. When she returned, she says Austin wasn’t the same.

Change has positives and negatives, but the growth of the city made it a place where Miranda could base a fashion business. And now she draws from Austin’s elements in making her clothes – most of which are plant-dyed and increasingly dyed using plants found in the Texas hill country.

This localising is a progression of Miranda’s slow fashion ethos – an ideology that, when she began embracing it about a decade and a half ago, was considered revolutionary. Her other revolutionary idea is that women’s clothes should be comfortable to wear, not just good to look at.

Unsurprisingly, Miranda’s clothes have a growing and dedicated following around the world. Listen to Miranda tell Full Service Radio how her home community of Austin has helped make that possible.