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It Does What It Says On the Packet

Art is sometimes so subjective and strange that it becomes intimidating, so there’s relief in finding people like Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao. The pair are so deeply un-serious about themselves that they combined their last names to create the title of their collective. CHIAOZZA, they tell us, rhymes with wowza. And their art is as playful as their name.

Terri, Adam, and their wonderful young daughter Tove recently left behind their Brooklyn studio to stay with us in Koreatown for a week. Between hosting paper pulp sculpture workshops with Poketo and dinners at Openaire, they also installed two new artworks in our lobby. Tendril-laden like a cactus, and soft and puffy like marshmallows on ice cream, they called them (appropriately) Succulent Sundaes No 1&2. Come and see them, and feel good about art that does what it says on the packet (and also maybe induce an ice cream craving).

And so you can feel extra smart while you’re smiling up at the works, Full Service Radio have asked Terri and Adam about them – so give this a listen.

Photography by Laura Austin