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The Big Life

Hosted by Ingrid Vaicius and Lina Salazar

When we’re stressed and burn-out our lives become small. We feel the urge to always be “on,” can’t sleep because our minds wander back to our “to do” lists, and skip lunch because we have back to back meetings. Living a Big Life is the opposite: We live beyond work and deadlines, and prioritize the things that we value the most. In The Big Life, Ingrid Vaicius and Lina Salazar—former “9-5 professionals” turned health coaches—hold inspiring and honest conversations with locals about the “aha moment” that helped them transition to living a bigger and more fulfilling life. You’ll hear stories from people who have “recovered” from stress and burnout; and learn from therapists, doctors, scientists, and holistic professionals about what we can do to reverse the stress epidemic. Join us as we question our “workism,” understand the effects of stress on our well-being, and learn the tools to live bigger lives.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE Fridays at 2PM ET on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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