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Mural featuring art by Shepard Fairey and Sandra Chevrier

Responsibility Over Reactionary: Shepard Fairey’s Formula for Disrupting Authority

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Shepard’ Fairey’s art lives in between average, everyday authority and messaging to construct a third narrative that ignites movements. In the mid-2000s, Shepard began to create works that added to the voice of opposition to the current Bush administration in the United States, but also works that uplifted the profile of a public figure he believed to hold and represent the values that would positively impact the nation.

Shepard’s “HOPE” poster would help pivot Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign for U.S. Presidency as a progressive, people-driven movement that could bring the United States into a new era of social change. Listen as the creator of OBEY streetwear brand talks about how skate and punk culture influenced his purpose as an artist and the rise of the HOPE poster. Most recently, Shepard collaborated with artist Sandra Chevrier for The LINE Hotel to commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment. The mural created by the two artists merges their respective styles into a bold collage to celebrate women empowerment. 

Photo courtesy of The LINE Hotel

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