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Meticulous Craft with Dominic “Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone

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Dominic Ciambrone aka The “Shoe Surgeon”, is the founder of Surgeon Studios, an LA-based craft collective designing unique and boundary-pushing custom shoes.

The rise of the Shoe Surgeon has attracted a variety of labels – early on “bootlegger” gave way to “cobbler” before things settled into more sensible territory with “designer”, “sneaker customizer”, and – finally – “artist”.

While funny, the initial confusion is understandable. Dominic Ciambrone – the man now known as the Shoe Surgeon – has created a new medium.

His creativity within the sneaker and custom fashion culture is extreme. While his one-of-one designs (which sell to people like Drake and Odell Beckham Jr.) riff on silhouettes and colorways made famous by big-name labels like Nike, Dominic brings something to his shoes that make them entirely other. They are both part of and comment upon the footwear cult – a post-modern homage to the idea of individual style and luxury.

Through his regular four-day classes known as Shoe Surgeon Shoe School, Dominic and his team share practical skills in sneaker making and their enthusiasm for true creativity and craftsmanship with anyone who signs up. Next month, they’re holding the next edition of Shoe School at the LINE LA and we’ve got a special room rate available for those going along.

For those suffering, because they’re not on the attendee list, we feel you. So, please join us in living vicariously through this chat we recently had with Dominic –

Photo courtesy of Dominic Ciambrone

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