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Balcony design of th ab uilding
photography by Tasha James

Walking the streets that radiate out from the LINE DC is an intimate and monumental experience.

One moment, architectural details draw you into a personal version of the neighborhood: residences, and residents. A few steps later, sweeping columns and vast marble walls rear up before you – symbols of a place toward which the gaze of the world is often drawn.

With her camera, Tasha James has revealed the contrast and beauty of a city that is at once a home, and an icon.

White building with cream building colour
DC architecture 5
DC architecture 4
Colorful buildings with great sky
Washington, DC / Art and Design
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picture of big trees at the time of sunset

los angeles

Picture of street light with an old monument


Picture of the decorative balcony with chairs and plant in the evening


The LINE hotel building viewed from the street.

San Francisco

Los Angeles
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