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Music Critic & Journalist Gary Suarez Thinks Your Opinion is WRONG

“If you’re not feeling any of what the younger generation is doing in hip hop, for the love of god don’t write about this stuff anymore.” – Gary Suarez on Full Service Radio

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Gary Suarez (@noyokono on Twitter) is a freelance journalist and music critic born and raised in New York City. His writing has appeared at various outlets including Billboard, Complex, Deadspin, Forbes, The Guardian, High Times, Pitchfork, Noisey, and Vibe, among others. In this special interview from the Full Service Radio pop up at Freehand NY + Smile Radio, Gary breaks down what does and doesn’t work in music journalism today, why hip hop is alive and well, and why your opinion is most likely wrong.

Edited by Nat Weiner

Photo by Matthias Roeckl for Puls