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Get the most out of the California sunshine with our favorite hikes in LA. Cut your own path with our LINE LA Hiking package, which includes a stay, water, trail snacks, and a printed guide to the city’s best trails.


Griffith Park
Just 15 minutes north of the LINE, Griffith Park’s paths stand out for their views of two of LA’s most iconic sights: the Griffith Park Observatory and the Hollywood Sign.

Elysian Park
Looking for a dog-friendly hike? Head to Elysian Park, one of LA’s oldest parks, to find a host of trails, including one-hour treks fit for Fido (and beginners).

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon is one of LA’s most popular hiking destinations for a reason—in the heart of Hollywood, it provides unmatched views of the city from the center of it all.

Temescal Canyon
On a clear day, you’ll see the San Gabriel Mountains and the Pacific Ocean from the heights of Temescal’s trails. Located in the Pacific Palisades, Temescal is a great option for a half-day hiking trip.

Point Dume Cove
A trip to Malibu is always worth a drive, but the epic ocean, cliff, and sunset views you’ll find from your perch on the 1.4 mile Point Dume Cove Trail will make a coastal outing extra, extra special.

Los Leones Trail
If you love lush greenery and a trail that provides more shady moments than most, you’ll love this hike that starts in the Pacific Palisades and crosses through Malibu providing the perfect perch for breathtaking views of the Southern California coastline.

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