Evan Voyles – the owner of sign-making and trading concern the Neon Jungle – has lived in Texas all of his life, but he is unconcerned about the seemingly-endless influx of newcomers to Austin. Far from ruining the city, he says the city’s ebb and flow is what makes it great.

Man wearing blue jacket and head bandana

That’s why he doesn’t shy away from making signs that are part of the beguiling ATX spell under which many visitors fall.

“I’m partly responsible for what’s going on – I’m making the window dressing that makes people want to come here,” he says, with particular reference to the dozens of neon signs he’s made for venues along South Congress.

“It would be not just unfriendly, but unrealistic and rude for me to leave having invited people in… so, I’m going to stay and ride it out and steer it out and try to make it a good thing for the future.”


Man wearing blue jacket and head bandana

Join Full Service Radio to hear Evan talk about his long-term commitment to Austin and how a cowboy boot collection turned into a sign-making business.

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