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Zen Soundscapes in Hi-Fi with Hakim Tafari

January 19 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Savor the harmonious fusion of high-fidelity soundscapes and the finest selections of Japanese whisky, mixed drinks, and mocktails inspired by the tradition of Japanese Hi-Fi whisky bars. Find us under the twinkling lights in Openaire’s greenhouse and surrounded by Koreatown’s glimmering glass towers as we sip and sup to a soundscape by DJ Hakim Tafari.

Originating in post-war Japan, Hi-Fi bars emerged as havens for audiophiles to enjoy high-quality music — primarily jazz — on state-of-the-art sound systems. Revered for cultivating a pure vinyl sound, these serene spaces have evolved to blend nostalgia with modernity to attract diverse audiences.

MR BONGO WORLDWIDE is partnering with us to bring alive an authentic Japanese HiFi experience.


Tafari’s eclectic jazz and soul mixes have been deeply enriched both by his travels in Japan and through immersive experiences in local Hi-Fi bars. Raised in the vibrant ambiance of Jamaican Sound System and Pirate Radio culture, UK-born Hakim Tafari embodies a multifaceted artistic spirit. His creativity flows through many forms as a DJ, martial artist, wellness advocate, and meditation teacher. Best known for his eclectic musical style, he seamlessly weaves together elements of jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, and electronic beats, creating a unique auditory experience. Deeply influenced by Eastern and African traditions, Tafari infuses his work with rich philosophical undertones. He frequently references themes of interconnectedness and the significance of a balanced life through his creative endeavors. These principles are palpably reflected in his DJ performances, where he strives to craft an environment that uplifts and unifies his audience.

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