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Length & Strength with Paul Wright

February 17 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Bending, extending, rotating, twisting, and stabilizing your muscles and joints in various dynamic ways: This class is about learning to engage in functional and athletic movements while keeping complete control. We will rely solely on your body weight, gravity, and peak focus to achieve this, and you’ll learn to increase your awareness in extended positions and improve your mobility in functional ways that were not possible before.


Paul Wright‘s lifelong passion for movement led him to found Get Wright Training. His signature training style is dynamic and innovative, always pushing individuals to defy their limits and activate their best selves through movement. With experience teaching a multitude of fitness offerings, Paul is committed to inspiring others to challenge their mind, body, and soul. He’s previously worked at Barry’s Bootcamp and Tonal, acts as a personal trainer, and often collaborates with fitness brand Vuori in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

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