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Full Service Radio Pop-Up

May 19 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Pull up a seat with podcast maestro Jack Inslee, host of our in-house show Hear, HERE, and tell him what you love about travel and creativity, discovering cities and neighborhoods, and getting together at the LINE — for an upcoming episode of the podcast.

Our community radio and podcast studio based in the LINE DC, Full Service Radio serves as a home for a multitude of radio broadcasts and podcasts, including our own.

Friday, May 17th, 4pm to 9pm
Sunday, May 19th, 10am to 1pm

Jack Inslee has been a pioneer in the podcast space for over a decade, having launched Full Service Radio and served as the founding Executive Producer for Heritage Radio Network, the world’s leading food-radio podcast network based out of Roberta’s Restaurant in Brooklyn. He’s also a DJ, music producer, party host, sound designer, and music supervisor with professional stints in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, and more.

A poster to Full Service Radio Pop-up in LA
picture of big trees at the time of sunset

los angeles

Picture of street light with an old monument


Picture of the decorative balcony with chairs and plant in the evening


The LINE hotel building viewed from the street.

San Francisco

Los Angeles
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