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Black Beyond America

September 14, 2019, 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Lobby Bar

Black Beyond America is a docuseries that speaks to people from around the world. It was created in response to a limited black representation in Film, Television and Advertising. On screen, black individuals from other countries are often seen as caricatures, if they’re even seen at all. This limited understanding contributes to conflicts and misconceptions both in and outside of black spaces.

Each video emphasizes a different person, country or region of the African landscape. A growing diaspora that has existed for centuries, Black Beyond America gives a platform to those that are largely ignored on a local and international level. The series inspires each viewer to dig deeper – to unpack any preconceived notions as they learn more about the nuanced world we live in.

Black Beyond America aims to take the series to as many countries as possible. With the first international trip occurring later this year, this event will help raise the funds to cover travel, hiring a crew and many of the other costs that come with filming overseas.

RSVP and meet us at Lobby Bar.