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Puppuccinos at Alfred

December 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Bring your dog to Alfred and treat yourself to a matcha latte, a cup of coffee, or a fine espresso while your four-legged friend indulges in a puppuccino. For the month of December, in partnership with Petaluma sustainable dog food, we’re serving up this special, dog-safe drink – a cup of whipped cream served in a limited-time “pup cup,” topped with Petaluma’s sweet potato jerky and made fresh just for your pooch.  Puppuccino proceeds benefit Austin’s Beagle Freedom Project.

Dog licking a puppuccino out of a small espresso cup
picture of big trees at the time of sunset

los angeles

Picture of street light with an old monument


Picture of the decorative balcony with chairs and plant in the evening


The LINE hotel building viewed from the street.

San Francisco

Los Angeles
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