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Manik Raj Nakra Opening Reception

December 19, 2019, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The LINE Austin East Lobby

Manik Raj Nakra is a 36-year old artist, living and working in Austin, Texas, USA. The paintings, drawings, and installations of Manik Raj Nakra take on the possibility of addressing the ancient world as his own. A world where four headed leopards perch on old world ruins and silver teethed monkeys pray for our salvation. With imagery consisting of teeming tropical jungles, exotic Asiatic animals, mythical kings, and ancient architecture, Nakra’s work applies a contemporary lens onto post-colonial anachronisms, Indian iconography, artifacts from early civilizations, and religious myths and folklore in order to explore themes such as egoism, lust, and self-doubt. These themes, handled with wild colors, stark compositions, and “pop” sensibilities, illuminate the historically rooted, but contemporarily relevant narratives, paranoia, and dreams of his time and place.

In 2017, Manik created an exclusive collection of work for the LINE Hotel Austin Guest Rooms. His new work in the pop up gallery is on display and available for purchase in the East Gallery through February.

Visit him online or follow along on Instagram.