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Aura Reading with Eau de Yosh

March 15 | 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

San Francisco–based perfumer Yosh Han is the first to admit that reading someone’s aura sounds a bit esoteric, which is why, rather than explaining how she goes about color coding the seven chakras of someone’s energy, she’s deciding to show us instead. Sign up to have your energy read, and Han will provide scent samplers with selected essential oils tailored to your olfactory vibe.

Stick around to get a drink and bite at Tenderheart’s Happy Hour.

3:30pm: Aura readings and happy hour begins
5:30pm: Aura readings end — and happy hour does, too

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to check-in with the front desk. 

About the Artist
In 2004, celebrated perfumer Yosh Han founded the company YOSH. Using ingredients from all over the world, each perfume is designed with principles of chakra energy and numerology. Inspired by the French word sentir (meaning “to feel and to smell,” or “to activate the olfactive and intuitive senses”), YOSH perfumes accessorize your inner radiance.

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