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True Love is a Good Burger

In the Rorschach test of popular culture that is the Instagram algorithm, tagging a post #runclub puts you a lot closer to the superfood content category than it does to the endless-pictures-of-greasy-smashburgers channel.

Mike Pak and Duy Nguyen don’t abide by the algorithm.

First, they made Koreatown Run Club in a near desperate attempt to balance, but not give up, the heavy party lifestyle that comes with living in our neighborhood.

Now, they’ve created Love Hour to swing the pendulum back the other way. This pop-up smashburger stand churns out the kind of burgers that make it pretty likely you’ll eat three, in between downing 5-55 beers.

Mike and Duy are serving up the burgers on our Wiltshire Patio every Friday and Saturday night for the rest of the year. Come past, see how many burgers you can eat, and then see how far you make it at the Saturday morning Koreatown Run Club meet.

If that sounds kind of hard to manage, make sure you listen to Mike and Duy tell Full Service Radio how they do it first.

Photos provided by Love Hour.