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Tell Us Who We Are

It is not the buildings and the roads and the street signs that turn the middle of nowhere into the center of everything. It’s the stories.
Over time, places construct themselves from memories and tales. Sometimes, like the Eiffel Tower and the city of New York, they grow so large in our imaginations that we know them even if we’ve never visited.
We’re new here in Austin and are still discovering the stories that make our place what it is. Rumors swirl of the days when our building was known as the Crest Hotel – maybe there were indoor jacuzzis, disastrous prom dates, and nights of music from Kazz FM that turned into early mornings dancing by the lake.
We want to know more. If one of your stories is tied up with our building’s past, please send it through to so we can share some of our history on Full Service Radio.
by The LINE Hotel October 19, 2018