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Pride Month: Shyama Kuver Community Artwork Reception

The Front Steps of the LINE DC

Pride Month, public art, and the LINE DC: a tradition that started well before our doors opened.

“On Belonging” is by painter Shyama Kuver, also known as HeartOverCrown. Her work will be displayed at the entrance of the LINE DC throughout our celebration of Pride, and our friends, neighbors, and guests are invited to join us on the front steps of the LINE DC for a reception on Sunday, June 9 at 1pm.

Utilizing art as a modality for healing, Shyama Kuver (she|her|herself) hopes to communicate spiritual resilience and beauty while also struggling with the effects of systemic oppression on our ability to fully thrive and connect with one another. Shyama is a radiant introvert. Tender and fierce, she is a queer Indo-Fijian woman born and raised in San Francisco, California, now living and learning in Washington, DC. She is a self- and community-taught artist whose work focuses on our spiritual connectedness to each other and to other worlds – past, present, and future. Her art explores nature, decolonization, futurity, and dignity for all beings. Priority: to believe in the power of love and playfulness, to encourage others to pursue their passions, and to always resist erasure.

Listen in on Full Service Radio for an interview with Shyama about her work and this very special piece, and for more of Shyama’s work and art, visit and follow along on Instagram at@heartovercrown.

by morganwest May 14, 2019