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Self Care Sessions: Journey to Joy with Alex Elle


Join author Alexandra Elle and spiritual teacher Yasmine Cheyenne for Self Care Sessions: Journey to Joy – an afternoon of self-care through writing, group dialog, and discovery on how to curate a life journey centered on joy. In this session, we will dive deep into finding ways to unpack our emotional suitcase, naming what ignites joy in our lives, and creating a writing practice that nurtures a path to becoming our best. Alex and Yasmine will assist you in identifying your pathway to joy and facilitate community through group work and open discussion.

A summary of what to expect:

Journal + partner work: Joy based affirmations and self-trust

Alex will lead students in affirmation writing, creative journaling, and supportive partner work. These exercises will be centered around curating a joyful life, finding new pathways to happiness, and shifting negative self-talk by doing the tangible work to unfold into a fulfilling life. These practices will equip students to courageously lean into joy and find new ways to reach it.

Building Healthy Boundaries: Understanding Our ‘Sugar Jars’

Yasmine will lead students in an interactive learning session through group discussion and writing exercises. These group discussions will encourage a deeper understanding of our relationships with the people, places, and things that matter most. Through our writing exercises, students will gain clarity around what needs to shift to begin curating a fulfilling life and create tangible ways to start small in their journeys.

Tickets are required for this event. Lunch will be provided by the LINE DC.

by morganwest May 22, 2019