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Lucie Foundation presents the 10th annual Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA), a collaborative, citywide initiative. This year, we are partnering with MOPLA for the Destination Weekend of the festival, April 12-15. 

Destination weekend will include a variety of events as well as three new lobby installations by the following MOPLA photographers:


Ben Zank was born in 1991 in the Bronx; he still lives and works in New York City.

While his field of study was journalism, Ben Zank found a more direct means of expression in photography, after he discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother’s attic. Submitting himself to the rigorous exercise of “one shot per day”, his images often conveniently stage himself as the main character. Using simple props such as yellow tape, Zank manages to bend reality to suit his own vision.

Guided by his subconsciousness, Zank explores his own emotional experiences. While the straight line seems to be a recurring element of his compositions, it is paradoxically used as a way to blur one’s perception of gravity; it can even appear as an overwhelming psychological Ariadne’s thread, literally splitting the persona in two. Undeniably, his characters often seem to fuse with their surroundings, and hence rubbing the outline of the self. In his self-portraits, the Id, the Ego and the Superego appear to have metaphorically expanded beyond his physical boundaries, to the point of embracing their environment. The latent tension inherent to the images Zank creates, reflect perfectly the inner emotional struggles of the artist.


Brooke DiDonato (b.1990) is a visual artist from Ohio. Her images depict everyday settings with a surreal twist, using visual anomalies as a framework to explore the psyche. By exploiting the narrative limitations of a photograph, she places viewers in the middle of a storyline that is both real and constructed. DiDonato lives and works in New York.


Cody Bratt (b.1982) is a fourth generation photographic artist whose portfolio encompasses the genres of landscape, portrait, and experimental photography. “Love We Leave Behind” is Cody’s debut monograph due out in May 2018 from Fraction. In 2016, LensCulture named him one of their Emerging 50. Cody’s photographs have exhibited and published internationally including New York City, Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, England and Italy.

“Love We Leave Behind” explores the emotional journeys we take in the aftermath of fervent love, which is often as damaging as it is intoxicating.

Born from revisited memories, the photographs don’t mark literal or specific moments, but are meant to be interpreted as an ambiguous state of mind, as evidenced through both their individual subject matter and their sequencing. The recognizable visual tableaus created by headlights on the open road during late night drives or by rundown motel rooms are interspersed with occasional moments of bright hope and clarity. These places create a backdrop for a darkness that changes not only our circumstances, but who we are.

The intertwined threads of landscapes and portrait imagery merge distinct image making processes to render a lyrical, although never reliably factual, sense of searching, discovery and loss inherent to finding the strength to break away.

Check out the full list of MOPLA events at the LINE LA: HERE


by smerriweather March 29, 2018