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Meet the (DC) Family: Spike Gjerde and Corey Polyoka

Spike Gjerde holds dismantling the industrial machine of agriculture right up there with serving beautiful, seasonal, and directly-sourced local food at his restaurants, which include the James Beard Award-winning Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore.

Now, at A Rake’s Progress in the LINE DC, and along with proprietor and Woodberry Kitchen bar expert Corey Polyoka and Executive Chef Opie Crooks – he’s created a restaurant where every ingredient is chosen for a reason, but where you won’t have to know the reason to have a good time.

With ORIGINS on Full Service Radio, Chef Spike presents the story of the ingredients he uses, as told by those who grow, make, process, preserve, and cook them. Engaging, entertaining conversations inform and challenge listeners to consider that an alternative to commodity agriculture and processed food already exists.