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Meet the (DC) Family: Crawford Sherman

Crawford Sherman left DC to work at international high-end hotels more than 13 years ago, but the Adams Morgan neighborhood drew him back.

Now the Managing Director of the Line DC, Crawford grew up just outside of the city – in a small town in Virginia. DC was his family’s “gateway – for shopping, for food, for everything”. But he’s been away for years – jumping from country to country running hotels.

“I didn’t intend to come back,” he says. “But since I know Washington, and particularly Adams Morgan, it was a very intriguing project.”

In part, it was the history of Adams Morgan that Crawford found so magnetic.

“At one point it was a very inexpensive place to live, it was sort of the left bank of Washington DC,” he says.

“So many artists lived here. It was also the neighborhood that lots of immigrants came to – there’s a strong African influence, strong South American influence, a lot of people in the neighborhood speak Spanish.

“And to me, it’s the coolest neighborhood because it has a history of music. In the ’60s and ’70s and even in to the early ’80s some of the greatest musicians have played in Adams Morgan. There’s a street called 18th Street and it is lined with small music venues inside bars – people like Jimi Hendrix played there. And it still has a great jazz scene.”

Today, Crawford says that history translates into an intimate, small-scale community that sparks his impulse to explore.

“Once you get here you just want to park your car and you want to walk,” he says. “Here you have the experience of being in a neighborhood and you want to have a bit of an adventure.

“Then you can go home and say, ‘This time I went out and had a drink at a bar that Janis Joplin played at’. There’s a story and an experience here.

“And we all want to have an experience.”

Photo by the LINE DC
by The LINE Hotel February 21, 2017