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Look Good, Be Good: This is Garmentory

The internet swallowed up a lot of small, independent fashion designers, but lucky for us Garmentory gave them a place to live again.

Adele Tetangco and Sunil Gowda started Garmentory back in 2014 to bring together the best independent fashion designers from around the world on one website. There, small designers find people who want their clothes, and people find their next, best wardrobe staple.

Every now and again, Garmentory also brings together independent fashion designers from around the world offline too – for the last two years at The LINE LA. You already looked good, K-Town, but Garmentory makes you look even better.

Stay tuned as we return to host Garmentory’s next showroom at the LINE LA in March 2018.


Photography by Ryan Savella for Garmentory Showroom at The LINE LA

by smerriweather March 10, 2018