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Leisure Suite

Even if our walls could talk, they wouldn’t – they’d keep all the secrets of the lazy Sunday mornings and late party nights that happen within them. Sometimes though, such delightful things take place inside our rooms that we decide to talk a little on behalf of the walls.

Rachel Comey is a quiet emergent force in fashion – an independent thinker known for creating pieces that respect and celebrate the needs of those that wear them. Over the last two years, she’s done some of her independent thinking at The Line LA – using our studios to prepare for her fashion show each year.

Watching on this June as Rachel built looks from her new collection, found the right people to wear them on the catwalk, and pulled everything together to take it to the show venue, we glimpsed the inventive, generous mind behind the clothing loved by what The New York Times calls “a cult of interesting, artistic women”.

Seeing Rachel at work redoubles our determination to do what we do best, and that’s an insight from within our walls that’s worth sharing.

Photography by Tyler Adams for The LINE LA and Rachel Comey.

by smerriweather June 21, 2018