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How it Feels to be HERE

In every printed object, there’s a minute reference to our first attempt at sharing knowledge. The page is an organic evolution of the natural surfaces upon which we used to leave our symbols, and printed ink the logical conclusion of a process that began hundreds of thousands of years ago with ochre mixes.
Now, we transfer knowledge in the ether – it flies by, invisibly delivering everything from  videos to news directly into our pockets.  
But, some stories should still be touched – told by the weight of the paper in your hand, by the smell of the carefully applied ink, and by an orderly curation of pictures and words that slowly, piece-by-piece, reveal the shape of something bigger.
When we tell the story of our home in each HERE magazine, we want to fill you with the reassuring knowledge that this was a carefully-created mark made by other humans, left here for you to find.
Photography by Sydell Group
by smerriweather July 14, 2018