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Hello(!) Hip-Hop History

We asked if some of hip-hop’s greatest historians and creators wanted to come by Openaire for brunch. They said yes. We’re pretty sure life is completely downhill from here.

A bunch of the culture’s originators and documentarians – people like Sheila Pree Bright and Barron Claiborne – were gathered in and around the neighborhood for the opening of CONTACT HIGH at the Annenberg Space for Photography last month. Created by Vikki Tobak with creative direction from Fab 5 Freddy, the exhibition makes public the un-culled contact sheets from photoshoots with legends like Biggie Smalls and Salt-N-Pepa and matches this raw visual history with rare vinyl, videos, and memorabilia.

CONTACT HIGH is currently on show at the Annenberg Space for Photography until August 18.

Photography by Laura Austin.