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Garmentory Does Global Style… In our hood

As much as we love our neighborhood, every now and then we peek outside and realize there’s plenty going on outside of the K-Town and Adams Morgan borders. So (of course), instead of leaving our locale, we plot to bring that plenty to us. Every year since 2016, The Line LA has worked with Garmentory to assemble some of the world’s best independent boutique directors and fashion designers in one place – K-Town – for one day.

For all us punters, the event means the chance to fortify our individual style with pieces that definitely can’t be found in megamalls and chain stores. And for the designers, coming to K-Town does the same thing the entire Garmentory model does – provides a platform for them to connect with customers who are searching for a wardrobe addition with a difference.

Sisters Marie and Karen Potesta run knitwear label Micaela Grey in San Francisco. They have worked with Garmentory since their launch, and attribute much of their growth to the success of this collaboration.

“As they have grown so have we and the exposure that it has brought us is invaluable at this point. We have reached markets and countries that we may never have, or not nearly as quickly without them,” say Marie and Karen.

“There is such a great collective of designers and shops and there is really power in sheer numbers and talent to draw an audience.”

Other designers agree that Garmentory’s strong curatorial culture has helped them find new markets.

At the annual LA event and on its e-commerce site, the platform only includes high-quality, responsible, independent designers making stylish clothes that fit with the vision of Garmentory co-founder Adele Tetangco.

“E-commerce is a blessing and a curse,” say Alex Robins and Lilly Lampe – the team behind Blluemade, a Brooklyn-based ethical label with a strong focus on linen.

“There is just so much online now, so there’s more for people to sift through. Working with Garmentory helps us reach the right audience faster, because they’re such an established name for independent fashion.”

Milliner and boutique director Brookes Boswell, who operates a hat-making studio and retail store in Portland, has also watched as her sense of style find its way around the world with Garmentory.

“Working with Garmentory allows us to have an expanded customer base, which helps our business, but also it is incredibly gratifying to communicate and spread our style to so many people who aren’t able to pop into our brick and mortar in Portland,” says Brookes.

“We love being able to offer our merchandise to Garmentory’s customers. Not just hats but also clothing and accessories.”

And we love being able to buy a hat that was made in Portland, some knits produced in San Francisco, and a linen shirt designed in New York, all without having to leave LA.

by smerriweather April 12, 2018