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From Good Morning to Good Night

Time is a contradiction; a constant presence that is never static.

Our existence is defined by time’s progress. Its passing propels us ever-onward – hurtling forward into an uncertain future, leaving behind a familiar present. Time’s invariable nature is comparable only to that of space. Our surroundings, too, are indifferent; the changes we make to them are either cosmetic or ineffably gradual.

We exist in thrall to these forces, but they need not weigh heavily upon us.

In our rooms above the city, time and space reveal themselves in the light. A glow rises along the neighbourhood’s walls and streets as morning unfolds. The room transforms with the clarity of the midday sky, and the hills glow golden as the sun begins to fall.

Each of these changes are reminders. Look out over the horizon. Know that time is passing. Sink into this space. See the extraordinary array in which you belong.

by farrinfoster December 6, 2019