Custom Chainstitch Embroidery Pop-Up with Vichcraft

Full Service Radio at the LINE DC

Vichcraft is the independent and collaborative, multi-disciplinary studio of Jenna Blazevich. Using an 80-year-old, vintage, hand-crank embroidery machine, Jenna is setting up shop in Full Service radio at the LINE DC on Saturday, April 27, from noon until 4PM.

Jenna’s bringing the beautiful craft of chainstitch embroidery; you bring your own garment (denim jackets, tote bags, sturdy shirts) for live customization – first come, first serve, and embroidery prices range upon size/request.

Combining hand craft processes and tactile mediums with a digital design skill-set, Jenna strives to work right around the line between art and design to build a collection of activist-driven products. Her background in textiles and pattern-making continues to inform her approach as a graphic designer and feminist artist.

by morganwest March 26, 2019