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Cake and Culture with Pichet Ong

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From cloud-party cream fluffs to translucent rose jellies, Pichet Ong makes an all-day bid for having your cake (and eating it, too). The Bangkok-born, four-time James Beard Award-nominated pastry chef at Brothers And Sisters has brought his take on Asian cake culture to the lobby of the LINE DC.

Riffing off of chef Erik Bruner-Yang’s multicultural translation of “American” food, Pichet’s cakes take inspiration from his travels across the globe. Daily standbys include the Mykonos – a conical, three-cheese cake that reminds him of windmills found on the namesake island – and the Brooklyn, a pillow of chocolate, coffee, and cream. The Next Vacation? An ever-rotating menu plot twist, inspired by whatever far-flung destination Pichet currently has in mind. The Munich, for example, is a take on a classic couer á la créme that wears the aforementioned rose jelly (while setting up huckleberry and lychee on a blind date, for the win).

“Cakes were not previously my forte, but I opened my heart and said OK.”

Pichet, we’re glad you did.

For more with Pichet, listen in here (or above) on Full Service Radio.

Photos by Laura Metzler.