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Usal Project: Kif Fermentation Workshop

June 14 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Learn about the funky world of fermentation from Caroline Brain, self-avowed fermentation revivalist and founder/head brewer of Kif Kefir Water in a workshop that will show you how easy and accessible it is to start culturing your own foods. Using abundant ingredients and a little elbow grease, this hands-on event will take you through a variety of simple, straightforward fermentation recipes. The goal is to have you walk away with some yummy goodies and the confidence to continue the craft at home.


Use code CW54F8AKHWTG for free entry upon checkout using the link below.




Usal Project is a Los Angeles-based community providing experiences and goods for the modern nature enthusiast. Together with a team of hand-selected professionals, Usal offers workshops and retreats across all things outdoors, sustainability, and wellness with a mission to provide inclusive and safe environments for all humans to learn.

Usal Project Presents: Kif Fermentation Workshop
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