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Poketo Workshop: The Art of Subtle Marketing

August 24, 2019, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

As social media becomes more crowded and the algorithm becomes less predictable, marketing on social media can feel a bit like shouting into a noisy room. It’s easy to be nervous that your message will go unnoticed.

Many are resorting to sharing their offerings with MORE EMPHASIS, more emojis, and more exclamation points in an effort to be seen.

Others have perfected a more subtle marketing strategy; they’ve found a way to share their products, services, and stories in a generous and beautiful way, enticing their customer to sit and stay a while. This type of marketing is certainly not intuitive. So Chelsea spent months studying the strategies of some of her favorite brands.

At this workshop she’ll be teaching you each of the concepts she uncovered, helping you lay the groundwork for building a subtle and beautiful marketing strategy of your own. The intention of this workshop is to fill your marketing toolbox with different systems and ideas, so you never feel like you need to ‘shout’ on social media again.