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Hosted by Bhakthi Sahgal

On Too Much to Text, host Bhakthi Sahgal and her guests share stories — ones that are just too much to text- -from individuals in our community who “get shit done.” Bhakthi chats with fellow DC community members to discuss how they have stepped into their power and found their voices in the midst of challenging situations. Guests share practices, phrases, and the strategies they developed over time. You’ll hear experience-tested recipes for speaking your truth, creating internal change, introducing new ideas, holding the line, developing or transforming relationships, and assuming comfort in leadership positions. Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said “life forces us to give birth to ourselves over and over again” – hear how these folks found their stride, and tune in as they inspire and entertain.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE Tuesdays at 5PM ET on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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by jinslee March 12, 2000