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These D.C. Women Build Creative Communities and Get it Done, Together

“In D.C., women get shit done. This scene wouldn’t exist without their contributions.” – Farrah Skeiky, D.C.-based concert photographer on Transformer Radio

Creativity doesn’t happen in a bubble. Oftentimes, social and economic barriers stand in the way for marginalized people looking to achieve their greatest creative goals. Our guests on Full Service Radio remind us that it takes a radically-inclusive social environment to fuel D.C.’s creative economy. For women, this often means tapping the talent of other women to carry out each other’s vision for the city and their artistic careers.

At Full Service Radio we celebrate creative communities built by women to support women, the faces leading the movement, and their artistic contributions to the District and beyond. Listen to these episodes of our weekly and special programming to hear more from D.C. women who thrive with the support of other women in the creative world and remind us that we’re stronger together.

Featured photo by Farrah Skeiky