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Celebrating Cherry Blossom Festival with Artist Jamilla Okubo

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The Cherry Blossom Festival is March 20 – April 14, and the LINE DC is paying homage in a multitude of ways: most visibly with public art on the façade of our 110-year old church in Adams Morgan.
“When There’s A Will, There’s a Way #2” is by illustrator, surface designer, and Washington, DC native Jamilla Okubo. This work will be proudly displayed at the entrance of the LINE DC for the entirety of the Festival.
Jamilla’s past projects include illustrated children’s books and collaborations with fashion lines (including Dior, and Australia’s Gorman) – we’re honored and proud to work with Jamilla in celebration of this season, in this city.
Listen to this special interview and learn about Jamilla’s work and how she found her path as an artist growing up in Washington, DC.

Music by Jamal Gray