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Small Town Weirdo’s Night of the Living Denim

October 14 | 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

For three nights this October, artist Adam Bucci of Small Town Weirdo, in partnership with Levi’s, will pop up a Halloween fashion experience. Come by for some threads fit for the horror of the season.

Exhibit Hours:
Friday, October 13th: Opening night, 6pm to 10pm
Saturday, October 14th: Open studio, 11am to 6pm
Sunday, October 15th: Open studio, 11am to 5pm


Adam Bucci is a Los Angeles-based artist, actor, and producer. Small Town Weirdo was born out of the pandemic when everything in life was put on hold. Specializing in horror and pop culture-inspired designs, Adam is best known for his hand-painted designs on denim jackets that first appeared on some of the cast of Scream along with his Final Girl Tee that Jamie Lee Curtis wore on the set of Halloween Ends.

Kevin Williamson, Matt Bomer, Jack Quaid, Judy Greer, Karen Gillan, Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Harvery Guillen are just some of his wonderful customers over the last couple of years that have supported his endeavor and helped bring more attention to the brand. Created with his husband, Adam Huss, Small Town Weirdo has been making a splash in the horror community — but it’s not just a horror brand. It celebrates the underdog, the superhero, the final girls and boys. “Weirdo” embraces one’s quirkiness, creativity, and one’s otherness.

“I grew up as an artsy kid and somewhat of an outcast — I never wanted any extra attention on me,” Bucci says. “Creating fashion that embraces words and pictures once thought to be grotesque, or wearing bright and colorful ,eye-catching designs have been a way for me to take my power back. I’m proud to be a weirdo!”

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