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Mental Vacation: Exhibition by Dewey Bryan Saunders

August 23 | 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Artist Dewey Saunders is in residence at the LINE LA. Popping up in our lobby-adjacent space with a group of new works in an exhibition titled Mental Vacation, Dewey will host an opening party, open studio hours, and a collage workshop. Mental Vacation runs from Thursday, August 17th to Wednesday, August 23rd.

Opening Party – Thursday, August 17th
Collage Workshop – Sunday, August 20th


For Florida-­born, LA-­based visual artist Dewey Saunders, the “medium” is the message. In true internet-era fashion, Saunders has created an identity for himself that is not based on delivering a single product in a single medium repeatedly. Instead, Dewey has a vision and a style born of the various sensibilities of the top end of the millennial-age spectrum, and he is constantly adapting his work to his surroundings and moving. In his works, various media such as collage, illustration, and computer -based graphic design all come together to form a visual vocabulary that speaks volumes on culture, history, and imagination. He was around before the internet, and he has embraced its flourishing to create work that resonates with folks who appreciate old, new, and especially both.

His sensibilities are contemporary, but his influences exceed the trends of today. His work is an ever-unfolding series of images that embrace hip hop’s values and champion a tropical psychedelia that only South Florida could inspire. In Saunders’ work, the spectacle merges with an all-­seeing eye that roams like a tumbleweed through the vast sea of images that is the web, and looking becomes a central element of creation. The result is a visual aesthetic that considers everything, but only focuses on a few things, and does so with such adaptability that Dewey’s refined vocabulary can speak any language, and be heard in any setting. Through his work Dewey shows us a cohesive way to see and participate in the world that the Internet has created for us. — Zach Moldof

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The LINE hotel building viewed from the street.

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