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Artist Open Studio: Chantal Lesley

September 14, 2023 | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Take a peek inside the creative studio of Chantal Lesley, our fifth Big Medium x the LINE Artist Resident this year, during their weekly Open Studio Hours.


Chantal Lesley is a conceptual photographer living and working in Austin, TX. Lesley is a multicultural, first-generation American born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, located along the U.S./Mexico border. Being the daughter of immigrants from both Germany and Peru has brought upon a feeling of being stretched between four cultures and has led her to confront ideas that focus on identity and contemporary social and political issues in her work.

“A studio at The Line is important to my practice as it not only allows me valuable time and space to create new work, but it puts me in the heart of downtown Austin, allowing me to connect with and be inspired by the city as well as visitors of The Line. I’m deeply appreciative to be given this opportunity as I look up to many past residents. I know that having my work be seen and shared to a wide audience will benefit my artistic career.” – Chantal Lesley

Chantal Lesley
picture of big trees at the time of sunset

los angeles

Picture of street light with an old monument


Picture of the decorative balcony with chairs and plant in the evening


The LINE hotel building viewed from the street.

San Francisco

Los Angeles
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